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“Before” Pictures

  Cimg4741 - 300x225 Titan Ford Pickup Before

Preparation Work

  Cimg4761 - 300x225 Titan Ford Pickup Painted

“After” Pictures

  Cimg4765 - 300x225 Titan White Ford Pickup Ready  
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  Cimg4533 - 300x225 Titan BMW Floorboards   Cimg4161 - 300x225 Titan BMW 1602 Before   Cimg4965 - 300x225 Titan BMW painted
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  Cimg4144 - 300x225 Titan VW Bug before   Cimg4205 - 300x225 Titan VW Bug Finished   Cimg4206 - 300x225 Titan VW Bug Finished Back
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  Cimg4153 - 300x225 Titan Nissan Doug   Cimg4210 - 300x225 Titan D's Nissan Ready 2 Paint   Cimg4234 - 300x225 Titan Ds Nissan After
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  Cimg4157 - 300x225 Titan Eclipse Before   - 300x225 Titan Eclipse Paint Perspective   Cimg4249 - 300x225 Titan Eclipse Done
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  Cimg4160 - 300x225 Titan Prep Sample 2   Cimg4274 - 300x225 Titan Mustang clear coat   Cimg4297 - 300x225 Titan Mustang ready 302
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  Cimg4145 - 300x225 Titan Paint Chamber02   Cimg4278 - 300x225 Titan Suburban Done   Cimg4279 - 300x225 Titan Suburban Done
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  Cimg4592 - 300x225 Titan Buick Blue before02   Cimg4788 - 300x225 Titan Buick Blue Ready Detail02   Cimg4783 - 300x225 Titan Buick Blue Ready02
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  Cimg4581 - 300x225 Titan Buick Before02   Cimg4580 - 300x225 Titan Buick Prep02   Cimg4774 - 300x225 Titan Buick Ready02
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  Titan Collision and Autobody Painting

Custom Work
correcting blemishes made by
a previous paint shop
- we do it right!

  Cimg4254 - 300x225 Titan Camaro   Cimg4255 - 300x225 Titan Camaro Back
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  Cimg4281 - 300x225 Titan Landrover Keyed   Cimg4306 - 300x225 Titan Landrover Painted   Cimg4324 - 300x225 Titan Landrover Done
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High-End custom paint job for a ‘59 Impala Restoration Project (worth $75,000 when completed by the owner):

  Cimg4154 - 300x225 Titan El Camino   Cimg4275 - 300x225 Titan Impala Back   Cimg4276 - 300x225 Titan Impala Body Parts

Body Work and paint job for a Cadillac with shaved doors:

  Cimg4934 - 300x225 Cadillac Shaved Doors Before   Cimg4948 - 300x225 Titan - Cadillac Shaved Doors Ready   Cimg4946 - 300x225 Titan - Cadillac Shaved Doors Ready

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